Straps That Remind: Unique campaign launched to spread breast cancer awareness

A campaign was recently launched to promote awareness of the signs and symptoms of breast cancer and to initiate behavioral changes. At the center of the campaign is a separate collection of bra straps, called Straps That Remind – which is a reminder for all women to get tested for early signs of breast cancer. The campaign is a joint program of underwear and fashion brands Marks & Spencer India and Women’s Cancer Initiative Tata Memorial Hospital, both of which have worked together since 2016 to raise awareness and educate women about the causes, signs and symptoms of breast cancer. . Straps That Remind is another attempt to go through the same process using explicitly designed special strips with messages such as, ‘With regular screening, the chances of getting cancer later can be reduced, as with this message’. Printed with thermochromic ink, the message begins to shrink due to body temperature when the straps are worn and reappears when the straps are removed. The strips also contain a pamphlet from the Women’s Cancer Initiative to encourage women to look for the first signs and symptoms of breast cancer. It also provides advice where they can get ongoing support if they see anything unusual.

As the 10-year survival rate drops to 5 percent in fourth-degree patients as compared to 75 percent in the first stage of breast cancer patients in India as reported by the Times of India, it is important to ensure that cancer is diagnosed as soon as possible. There have been messages asking women to get tested all year round. However, these messages are transmitted to public places and platforms, and are forgotten before one has the opportunity to use them.

Straps That Remind: Unique campaign launched to spread breast cancer awareness
Straps That Remind: Unique campaign launched to spread breast cancer awareness

James Munson, MD, Marks & Spencer India said: “Ropes Reminders are a unique tool to remind women to explore the oddity in their own space. I feel proud of being able to support this important project by creating ”

Commenting on Straps That Remind, Ms Deveika S. Bhojwani, Deputy President, Women’s Cancer Initiative – Tata Memorial Hospital – said “Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women in India, which if diagnosed early can be cured. Straps That Remind is an excellent step in that process to help women learn the early signs of breast cancer and get tested. ”

Continuing to talk about Marks & Spencer’s work, Mrs. Bhojwani said, “Reminder Cables can be a life-changing product for many women out there and it is a personal way to remind them of their well-being.”

Anadi Sah, Managing Director of Creative, Isobar India shared her thoughts on the campaign and said, “Breast cancer is a growing disease among women in India right now. However, early detection can help prevent the outcome and increase the chances of recovery. With Straps That Remind, we aim to achieve that with the Women’s Cancer Initiative and Marks & Spencer. I am proud of the team for coming up with completely new ways of communicating to spread such an important message. I hope the bandages will reach women across the country and can help detect the disease from the start. ”

During International Women’s Day 2021, Marks & Spencer India made these life-saving reminders accessible to women through select M&S ​​India stores. These strings were donated from this brand so they came out free.

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