IIT-Guwahati suspends student accused of raping batch mate; puts 4 in isolation

The Indian Institute of Technology, Guhati (IITG) has suspended a student accused of raping his partner on March 28. Four other students suspected of being involved in the case have also been separated, the institute said.

Faced with criticism of the way he handled the incident, the Prime Minister’s Institution also confirmed improved security measures to prevent future incidents.

“[The defendant] has been suspended from the institution since April 4, according to the disciplinary committee,” IITG said in a statement on Monday, 8 days after the rape.

The student, originally from Mumbai, was arrested by Amingaon police in Kamrup district on Saturday. Although IITG officials have not yet commented on the nature of the sexual harassment, police have registered a rape case under section 376 of the IPC.

IIT-Guwahati suspends student accused of raping batch mate; puts 4 in isolation
IIT-Guwahati suspends student accused of raping batch mate; puts 4 in isolation

“The other four students have been isolated on campus and will be kept on campus for further police investigations and internal investigations,” the IITG statement read.

Police questioned the four on Saturday on suspicion of involvement in the case, assisting the arrested suspects or trying to hide evidence after the attack.

“Our investigation is ongoing. We will arrest others if there is evidence of their involvement in the case, ”said Kamrup police chief Hitesh Chandra Roy.

Describing the incident as “a gross violation of the institution’s disciplinary rules”, the IITG said it disrupted the safety, security of students, hostel passengers and college residents. “This institution strongly condemns such atrocities. The center also develops safety and security measures to prevent such incidents from occurring in the future, ”he read.

IITG officials have been charged with filing a case with the police five days after the rape, on April 2, and allegedly taking a survivor to Gwahati Medical College Hospital (GMCH), where he was taken after the incident after consulting a doctor.

“The center would like to make it clear that a medical report is awaited only after what can be confirmed by the nature of the incident. Also, all the necessary procedures have been followed, such as the hospital’s order to remove the girl student, “the statement read.

GMCH doctors said the student was brought to the hospital at 12.50am on March 29 and taken there by IITG authorities around 4.30pm on the same day, saying he would be treated at the center’s central hospital.

“The student fainted when he arrived. When she regained consciousness, she said that she had been sexually abused. We have performed women’s examinations and forensic examinations in accordance with the law. Without our advice, IITG officials took him to them, ”said the senior doctor, who asked not to be named.

Awaiting the woman’s health report. On Saturday, an IITG statement said it was “safe and sound”.

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