DIGILIVE celebrates Women’s Month with its Special Achievement Awards

DIGILIVE celebrates Women’s Month with its Special Achievement Awards. At a special Women’s Month event, IDIGILIVE, a fast-growing digital marketing provider, organized and hosted the DIGILIVE WOMEN SPECIAL AWARDS 2021, an online awards ceremony to honor unique women around the world. Hosted on March 21, the event presented special awards for the achievements of 13 successful and influential women nominated by a DIGILIVE judge.

The award ceremony was held on YouTube due to the status of Covid-19 and the winners were presented with their prizes almost and promoted online on various DIGILIVE social media platforms.

DIGILIVE Judge has received online promotion submissions from various parts of the world such as India, USA, UK, Turkey, and more. After reviewing all nominations, the judges completed 13 awards which will be awarded with special awards for their outstanding contributions to their respective fields.

The prizes are divided into 4 categories namely




• Award Achievement of Achievement of Goals 2021

As Mr. Vikash Sorout, Founder & CEO of DIGILIVE, recommends, “All women are as special as your mother, your sister, and your wife. Therefore, DIGIGIVE has taken the initiative to honor all women who do extraordinary work in society around the world. ”

All award-winning women were selected based on their hard work and dedication to their professional field.

1. UMALA MODY, Founder, AURAA, Boutique Brand Strategy Consultancy & IMC Agency, awarded SELF MADE WOMEN AWARD 2021. She is one of the best known entrepreneurs in the country. For more than 15 years of hard work and dedication, he has been helping businesses reach the highest levels.

2. ANN D’SILVA, Author of India, “The Sand and the Sea: Steps in the Sand” (Book), has been awarded the WOMEN LEADERSHIP AWARD 2021. She is doing an excellent job as a humanitarian with her CSR “India Heart” focused work. in empowering rural Indian women.

3. KAVITA SANGHVI, Principal, CNM School and N.D Parekh Pre-Primary School, have been awarded the SELF MADE WOMEN AWARD 2021. Her continued contributions to making a stronger and better future for educated and intelligent children are unparalleled. He also works to promote the goals of the UN Sustainable Development Goals to create a better and more secure future.

4. UDKT. UNAGMA ABBASI, CEO and Founder, NextGen Life Sciences Pvt. Ltd., was awarded the WOMEN OF THE YEAR AWARD 2021. She has been a promising career in the biotechnology, life sciences, and healthcare industry. His efforts pay off in the form of advanced and innovative research in the field.

5. ADV. CHANDNI KAPADIA, Chief Executive Officer, Gujrat Law Society; The COO, GLS University, was awarded the SELF MADE WOMEN AWARD 2021. She has proven herself as a woman activist who influences many things through her unique roles in product management, education and law.

6. SHELLY LUTHRA, Founder, Ornatejewels.com, has been awarded the WOMEN LEADERSHIP AWARD 2021. She is a strong businesswoman, leading a successful business selling silver jewelry online.

DIGILIVE celebrates Women’s Month with its Special Achievement Awards
DIGILIVE celebrates Women’s Month with its Special Achievement Awards

7. SONICA ARON, Founder and Managing Partner, Marching Sheep, HR Advisory Firm, was awarded the WOMEN OF THE YEAR AWARD 2021. He is a successful human resource champion, providing reliable solutions to brands such as Philips, PepsiCo, SBI cards, JCB India, and and Vodafone.

8. POONAM JAIN, Co-Founder & HOD of HR, Finance and Legal Dept. Simandhar Education, awarded the OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT AWARD 2021. His strong skills and knowledge gained over ten years in the field of Auditing and Taxation are commendable.

9. SONIA SINGH, Co-founder & Director, Collectcent Ads, Mobile Advertising Company, has been awarded the WOMEN LEADERSHIP AWARD 2021. In addition to her ingenious and unique skills in the field of Mobile and IT, Sonia also regularly follows her help to empower women and children. .

10. YOGITA TULSIANI, Co-Founder & Director, Xceed Solutions, was awarded the OUTSTANDING ACHIEVEMENT AWARD 2021. She is a successful business consultant and consultant. For his brilliant contributions to the field of human resource management and management, he has received numerous awards and honors.

11. KOHELI PURI, Managing Director & Co-Founder, Studioxp Management Consultants Pvt. Ltd., awarded SELF MADE WOMEN AWARD 2021. Her product has helped businesses to enjoy good performance with innovative technology. The company operates with brand names such as JFL Group, DELL, Huawei, Ericsson, and HCL.

12. CHAHAT AGGARWAL, Founder and CEO, Impact Study Biz., Awarded by SELF MADE WOMEN AWARD 2021. He is a multidisciplinary specialist, offering excellence in fields such as management consulting, writing, film directing, designing, branding, marketing and planning strategies. In addition, she is constantly following her passion for writing to make a difference in society.

13. AGATHA DIAS, Founder, Amcha Ghar, Non-profit Organization, awarded WOMEN OF THE YEAR AWARD 2021. She has helped an unlimited number of needy, poor, and orphaned girls in India to get an education, healthy food, safety, and much more. Ms Dias has used 7-9 different projects to empower and empower women.

The event is designed to honor the power of women around the world. The company plans to host many such festivals in the future.

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DIGILIVE is a PR and Marketing company based in Gurugram, Haryana, India, with a branch in Singapore. The company was formed in 2017 as one proprietorship of Mr. Vikash Sorout who was growing rapidly to become one of the most well-known businesses in the industry.

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Mr Vikash Sorout has a strong business development experience that leads him to Business Development, Strategies, Management, Senior Management, and Leadership. In a very short time, Mr. Sorout has advanced as a strong business leader in the field of marketing and strategy.

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