China capable of launching cyber-attacks against India, says CDS Gen Rawat

China capable of launching cyber-attacks against India, says CDS Gen Rawat. The Chief of Defense General Bipin Rawat on Wednesday said China is ahead of India in technology, and is capable of cyber attacks on India. He said the huge gap between the two countries was in the hands of cyber and was being addressed in a critical way.

Rawat said in response to a question after delivering his speech Shaping the Armed Forces to Meet Almost Current and Future Challenges that they know that China can attack us. And that (China) could disrupt a lot of our programs. The Vivekananda International Foundation has organized an event.

Rawat said India is trying to develop cyber protection measures to deal with the attack. He said cyber-military agencies are working to ensure that the “rest period and the effect of cyber attacks” do not last long.

He said that they must be able to overcome cyber attacks and continue our plans through alternative means or fire protection. So, while we are trying to create logs for cyber attacks, but we are confident that (China) will be able to get into the pillars of fire… However what we are trying to do is how long your system will last, and how you will be able to work in that previous cyber attack phase there is. That is one thing we are looking at and talking about in a sensitive way.

The CDS’s comments come at a time when India and China are locked in a border east of Ladakh and efforts are being made to withdraw former troops and weapons from conflict zones along the disputed Line of Actual Control (LAC).

Rawat said India is developing new technology to close the gap with China. The CDS said closing the technology gap with neighbors would require the integration of the three resources.

China capable of launching cyber-attacks against India, says CDS Gen Rawat
China capable of launching cyber-attacks against India, says CDS Gen Rawat

Rawat said that these services are of a different standard depending on our technology. The Navy is at the forefront of the military and the Indian Air Force (IAF) in its use of technology. If you combine, at least you will be able to find them (China). We may not be able to fully acquire China, so we are trying to build some kind of relationship with western nations to see how we can get better support from them during peacetime at least to see how we can overcome this shortage.

Cyber, perhaps, has secured an important position in any type of security infrastructure, says Air Vice Marshal Manmohan Bahadur (retd), additional director-general, Center for Air Power Studies.

Bahadur said that as they prepare to gain attacking power, it is important that his systems are protected. Although we are lagging behind in China, our country does not have the brains to make a difference in other major gains. Every effort should be made to obtain national cyber information to protect our critical infrastructure from cyber attacks.

Responding to a question about the challenges of the theater and the ongoing efforts to bring about unity between the three services, Rawat said India as a nation believes in the current situation and is always reluctant to change.

Rawat also said that there is a feeling among the three services that the military, which is a huge force – compared to the navy and the IAF – could snatch the two organizations and all be part of the military. I think this is a misnomer because the military, navy and IAF have their own experience. They will maintain their independence and their integration will only ensure that we have at least some co-operative systems.

With regard to women in the military, the CDS said the services open up more roles to them and there are certain areas where they perform better than men and vice versa. He said the armed forces were looking to exploit the power of men and women and ensure that they were used for roles that were right for them.

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