‘Anil Deshmukh demanded ₹2 crore…’: Sachin Vaze in explosive letter to NIA

‘Anil Deshmukh demanded ₹2 crore…’: Sachin Vaze in explosive letter to NIA. Suspended police officer Sachin Vaze on Wednesday said former Maharashtra Home Affairs Minister Anil Deshmukh demanded cr 2 crore from him to continue his work with the Mumbai police and said another minister Anil Parab had asked him to collect money from a contractor.

Transport Minister Parab dismissed Vaze’s allegations, saying they were wrong and aimed at tarnishing his image, and that they were ready to face any investigation.

Vaze, who was reinstated as a police officer last year, made the claim in a letter he was trying to file with the NIA special court here.

However the special judge PR Sitre refused to take his book recorded and asked him to follow the required procedure.

Vaze, a suspect in the case of a car bomb exploding near the residence of businessman Mukesh Ambani in southern Mumbai and the death of businessman Mansukh Hiran, is currently in NIA custody.

Deshmukh, the main leader of the NCP, resigned as Home Affairs Minister on Monday after the Bombay High Court ordered a CBI investigation into allegations of corruption against former Mumbai police commissioner Param Bir Singh.

The controversial assistant police inspector said NCP President Sharad Pawar, his key party in the MVA government, apparently wants him to be reinstated.

He said that he was reinstated on June 6, 2020. Shortly after his reinstatement there were some (people, who wanted) to reintroduce the reinstatement.

Obviously, Sharad Pawar ordered him to be reinstated.

Vaze said in a four-page handwritten letter  that at that time the then Minister of Home Affairs Mr. (Deshmukh) also told me that he would inform Pawar saheb and for that purpose he (HM sir) asked me to pay cr 2 crore .

Vaze (49) said he had expressed his inability to pay such a large sum.

He also added saying that he had expressed my inability to pay so much. In this case, the Minister of Home Affairs, the gentleman, asked me to pay later.

Vaze said at a meeting at the Sahyadri Guest House in southern Mumbai, Deshmukh had asked him to look into a complaint related to the Saifee Burhani Upliftment Trust (SBUT) that was under investigation.

SBUT is a non-profit organization responsible for carrying out a mega reconstruction project in the Bazaar Band area which is south of Mumbai.

Deshmukh had asked him to bring SBUT officials to him to “discuss” the investigation, Vaze said.

Vaze added saying that he also insisted on starting initial negotiations to get ₹ 50 crore from SBUT to close the investigation. I had expressed my inability to do such things because I did not know anyone from SBUT and I had no control over the investigation.

Vaze’s letter states that in January 2021, another minister of state, Anil Parab, asked him to look into an investigation into “fraudulent” contractors registered with the BMC and to collect at least ₹ 2 crore from about 50 companies.

The investigation was based on an anonymous complaint, added Vaze.

Parab, the Shiv Sena leader, dismissed Vaze’s allegations and said he was ready to face any investigation into the allegations.

Speaking to reporters, Parab said, “I swear by the name of Shiv Sena supremo Balasheb Thackeray and my two daughters that I have done nothing wrong.”

He said there was a BJP plot to tarnish the image of Prime Minister Uddhav Thackeray and the MVA government.

The letter also states that Deshmukh asked Vaze to collect l 3 lakhs of l 3.5 lakh per person at about 1,650 bars and restaurants in Mumbai (this is said to have been done by Vaze before).

The suspended officer said he had informed the then commissioner of police Singh about the incident.

He added saying that he also expressed his (Singh’s) fears that he would somehow get into trouble in the future.

“The CP at the time encouraged me and openly instructed me not to engage in illegal fundraising for anyone and anyone,” Vaze said.

Singh had earlier said that Deshmukh had asked police to pay ₹ 100 crore at bars and restaurants. Deshmukh has denied any wrongdoing.

Vaze also said that in November 2020, he was approached by a man named Darshan Ghodawat.

Ghodawat introduced himself as “very close” to the cabinet minister and explained to him about the illegal trade and trade in tobacco in Maharashtra, Vaze said.

Waze said that Ghodawat insisted that he should collect 100 crore from these gutkha dealers illegally. I had done it openly to do that illegally.

Meanwhile, the NIA retention of Vaze, which was detained by the central agency on March 13, was extended until April 9 by a special court.

Vaze was reinstated in June last year after he was being suspended for more than 15 years for his involvement in a murder case.

Given the mandate to put an end to 63 allegations at the meeting, a 1990 police officer was suspended in 2004 for his role in the 2002 assassination of Ghatkopar suspect Kwwaja Yunus.

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