Taiwan minister accepts responsibility for train crash as questions mount

Taiwan minister accepts responsibility for train crash as questions mount. Taiwan’s transport minister said on Sunday he would not run away from his car load due to a serious train crash even though his application to drop it was rejected amid growing questions about a security breach that could have contributed to the tragedy.

In the island’s worst railway accident in 70 years, 51 people have been confirmed dead after a full-blown train crashed into a truck near the eastern city of Hualien on Friday, causing paralysis and the front half paralyzed.

Speaking at the danger zone overlooking the sea and backed by mountainous terrain, Lin Chia-lung said he “could not avoid” carrying the load.

He said that he is also committed to minimizing the damage caused by the whole accident. After all the rescue work is completed, that he believes that he will be independent.

Prime Minister Su Tseng-chang’s office said Lin had made a word of resignation on Saturday, but Su had rejected it for now, saying efforts should now focus on recovery and recovery.

Taiwan minister accepts responsibility for train crash as questions mount
Taiwan minister accepts responsibility for train crash as questions mount

A truck that had been struck by a train skidded off the side of the road and onto the tracks just outside the tunnel. Officials are investigating the construction site manager, Lee Yi-hsiang, whose truck is allegedly unregistered.

Lee was released on bail, although the Hualien High Court branch on Sunday overturned the decision after prosecutors appealed it, and they returned to court. Lee and his lawyer declined to answer reporters’ questions.

Reuters was unable to obtain contact details from Lee or his lawyer.

The Department of Transportation, along with its subordinates, is facing a series of inquiries, including why there were no proper fences in the area and whether over-the-counter tickets are on sale.

Deputy Transport Minister Wang Kwo-tsai said on Saturday that railway management should address all these issues, adding that he felt “initially it looked like a negligence” for a construction site contract.

Rail officials also do not have a permanent director after their retired master in January. The post is being filled by another deputy minister of transport, Chi Wen-chung.

Wang said Lin is working hard to find the right person to fill the vacancy.


The uncle of the young child confirmed that he was the victim, a five-year-old girl, in tears and told the media that he was still waiting to apologize for the accident.

“I’m very angry,” he said.

The government has also promised the compensation and will do everything possible to help the survivors and also their relatives.

The damaged part of the track will not be reopened until April 20 initially, Wang said, although the train traffic continued on the same route passing through another tunnel and was not affected by the accident.

Minister Lin said the rescue and rescue operation would continue.

He then added saying that they are continuing to evacuate the trapped rooms inside. The third room was evacuated last night. We are expecting to evacuate two more vessels today.

The accident that happened at the start of the long weekend of Tomb Transport Day, when people were returning home to try the family graves.

Survivors described the horrific scenes inside the devastation.

The Priest Sung Chih-chiang told the Reuters what surviving passenger Chung Hui-mei had told him.

“She could not find her daughter. When she screamed, she found her daughter under the metal panels. She tried to move the pieces one by one, but her daughter’s voice became very quiet, and there was no response,” she said.

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