Lockdown in Maharashtra? Cabinet meet today, stricter curbs likely

Lockdown in Maharashtra? Cabinet meet today, stricter curbs likely. A Cabinet meeting in Maharashtra will be held later on Sunday where strict borders will be set across the country, with a strong focus on the daily conditions of coronavirus (Covid-19). The meeting comes just days after Prime Minister Uddhav Thackeray warned of closure and said that if Covid-19 cases continue to rise, state health infrastructure will be severely affected. According to the ANI news agency, the Maharashtra Cabinet meeting is scheduled to be held at 3pm.

There were 49,447 cases of Covid-19 and 277 deaths on Saturday in Maharashtra, according to the state health department, which saw the worst hit state in India at 2,953,523 and the death toll at 55 656. recorded more than 40,000 charges for the third day in a row on Saturday. Mumbai reported 9,090 new Covid-19 cases in the last 24 hours and 27 deaths in the last 24 hours.

On Friday, Thackeray warned that hospital beds would be in short supply in the next 15 days if the current number of coronaviruses were not eliminated in the province, which has been pushing for a second wave of infection in India on record-breaking cases. “I am not announcing the lock on the floor, but I am warning you about it. I’m sure we can avoid being locked down if we make a firm decision about it. We will look at the next few days if people look at the law more closely. But if no solution can be found, I cannot allow this situation to get out of hand, ”he said after a review meeting.

Lockdown in Maharashtra? Cabinet meet today, stricter curbs likely
Lockdown in Maharashtra? Cabinet meet today, stricter curbs likely

Shiv Sena leader also said strict boundaries would be announced in the next few days after speaking with political leaders and experts from various sectors. “We will issue strict border guidelines in the next few days. Political parties, business people have always opposed the ban and warned the government about it, ”he said. “We are in the Catch-22 state. If the closure is forced, we are facing an economic crisis. At the same time, people’s lives are very important to us. Many countries, including France, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Brazil, have imposed strict sanctions for weeks in their fight against the second wave, ”added the prime minister.

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Thackeray said people are satisfied and should wear face masks, distance themselves, wash their hands and avoid congestion. The premier met with various civil society groups on Saturday, asking them to support the government’s decisions and said they would help everyone. Experts have called for tough decisions, which will not hurt the economy, to control the rising number of Covid-19 cases in the city and government.

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