Robot artist sells art for $688,888, now eyeing music career

Robot artist sells art for $688,888, now eyeing music career. Sophia is a robot of many talents – she speaks, jokes, sings and performs. In March, he sparked an uproar in the arts when a digital project he created as part of a partnership sold the auction for $ 688,888 in the form of a non-fungible (NFT) token.

The sale highlighted the ongoing concern in the NFT market, where people could buy patents on digital content. Each NFTs have a unique digital code stored on blockchain ledgers that allows anyone to verify the authenticity and ownership of objects.

David Hanson, Hong Kong-based Hanson Robotics chief executive and founder of Sophia, has been making robots for the past twenty-one and a half years. He believes that robots look like realities that can communicate with humans and help in industries such as health care and education.

Sophia is the creator of the most famous robots from Hanson Robotics, with the ability to mimic facial expressions, hold conversations and monitor people. In 2017, he was granted Saudi Arabia citizenship, becoming the first citizen of robots in the world.

Hanson said in an interview that the thought of Sophia as an artist, who could produce art.

Robot artist sells art for $688,888, now eyeing music career
Robot artist sells art for $688,888, now eyeing music career

He said that Sophia is the culmination of a lot of art, and engineering, and the idea that at the time she could produce art was a way for her to communicate with people emotionally and visually.

Sophia has teamed up with Italian singer Andrea Bonaceto, who has painted pictures of Sophia. Sophia then processed her work on neural networks and created her own digital drawings.

A digital work for $ 688,888 called “Sophia Instantiation”, is a 12-second video file showing a picture of Bonaceto transforming into a digital painting of Sophia. It is in line with the artwork drawn by Sophia.

A consumer, digital art collector and artist known as 888 with a Twitter handle @ Crypto888crypto, later sent Sophia a picture of her hand painted. The robot then analyzed the process, inserted the image into its own information and drew many strokes above its actual piece.

In a tweet to Sophia’s account, the project was described as NFT’s first partnership between “AI, a team-oriented team and artist collector.”

Sophia said that as an artist, she have the ability to create things in my algorithms, she creates original works, Sophia said when asked what inspires her when it comes to art. She also said that but her art was created in collaboration with my people in the form of a collective ingenuity as the concept of a nest of human-made man.

Sophia’s paintings selling as NFT are part of a growing trend. In March, Beeple’s digital art project – whose real name is Mike Winkelmann – sold for nearly $ 70 million, broke records and made it one of the most expensive digital paintings ever sold.

Henri Arslanian, Global Crypto Leader of PricewaterhouseCooper, said the NFTs give people “bragging rights” with their assets.

He said that and that what’s really amazing about NFT is that it not only allows you to show the wider world that you own it, but it also creates a bond between the NFT manager and the artists.

It also allows the art to be sold without traditional mediators, so that artists can communicate directly with consumers without being blocked by exhibitions or auctions, Arslanian said.

Sophia will continue to paint, Hanson said, and the next step in the work of robots could be that of an artist. He works for many music projects in a project called Sophia Pop, where he works with traditional artists to produce music and lyrics, he said.

He said that they are very excited about Sophia’s work as a musician.

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