Easter 2021: How India is celebrating the festival of rebirth amid the pandemic

Easter 2021: How India is celebrating the festival of rebirth amid the pandemic. The smell of freshly baked cakes fills the air coming out of the kitchen.

In another corner, the chocolate, just outside the oven, adorns the dining table on a tray like equally scattered jigsaw puzzle pieces – it’s chaotic but good, interesting but interesting.

Jewel Francis is busy preparing for Easter – a Christian celebration of Jesus’ resurrection, three days after his crucifixion and death.

Francis, every year divides the time between home and church, participating in various rituals and ceremonies during Holy Week as the city of Nagpur, under the spring, welcomes people with open arms. This time, however, like last year, outdoor celebrations are over.

The Maharashtrian city has blocked a large number of Covid-19 patients – 4,108 new cases recorded on Good Friday. The virus was aggressive. The death toll is rising. Sixty in one day.

Jew Francis told that to celebrate Easter at home, with my parents, as meeting with relatives is unthinkable at this time.

Last year on Good Friday and Easter, the city, famous for its oranges, was under siege by coronavirus, meaning no Easter party, no chocolate eggs, jelly beans adorning the bakery. The whole family turned into a church where the ministers prayed, each kitchen being turned into a bakery.

Francis said that for more than a year this epidemic has taught us enough ways to celebrate at home. My mother is a very good cook, and I can also make homemade chocolates, which I saw during the closure. All in all, we have everything from the tradition of good things including Easter egg recipes that can be prepared at home.

With over 30 million adherents, Christianity is the third-largest religion in India, accounting for less than 3 percent of the world’s population. The southern and western parts of India, including Kerala and Goa, have a large following of the Abrahamic religion.

Goa, famous for its beaches, has some very old churches, and it is culturally and healthy. But a deadly virus has no choice. Section 144, which prohibits the gathering of more than four people, exists in this tourist area. From the much-anticipated Shigmo Festival Parade to open events, everything is banned this year.

Raelyn D’Souza, says he will be decorating his house in this revival and life of marking Easter.

Easter 2021: How India is celebrating the festival of rebirth amid the pandemic
Easter 2021: How India is celebrating the festival of rebirth amid the pandemic

D’Souza said that not just the lights, from the Easter trees to the Easter baskets, everything will be ready at home.

He added with a spark in his eyes that he will definitely use the DIY Easter egg recipe! Unlike previous shopping times, this year at Easter I don’t buy the best treats at the market but I plan to make a home-made Easter basket full of beautiful handmade items, including chocolate candy. artificial home.

Her Easter means great things and this year, everything is made at home, from hot sliced ​​buns with cinnamon and seasoned with dried rickshaw, to Tutti Frutti. Easter rabbits will also be made at home with DIY, which is best in the sense of dirt.

Easter is a very important part of Christianity and is the basis of the faith. Jesus, the Son of God, fulfilled the prophecy and his crucifixion, giving the gift of eternal life to those who believe in his death and resurrection. As the epidemic claimed lives, the festival gained momentum.

Steven Lewis, an engineer from Delhi, says the family will celebrate the festival with Jesus, emphasizing that the real meaning of the event is to remember the great power, no matter outside with friends at church or at home with family.

For people who do not like the idea of ​​cunning ideas, at least this work makes families sit down together to bind and make memories, Lewis said that he is a Catholic and I know the true meaning of Easter but I am also sure that Jesus loves the idea of ​​seeing everyone share the memory time together, whether in egg-laying or rabbits are a work of art, his purpose in forgiving and restoring life to us needs to be celebrated anyway.

The national Covid-19 vaccine has been strengthened. India has crossed a significant milestone in its fight against the disease as the number of vaccines produced in the country exceeds the 7.3 crore mark, the Union Health Department said on Saturday. A total of 7,30,54,295 doses of the Covid-19 vaccine have been given, as an interim report until 7am today.

Followers and devotees prepare to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, wishing each other happiness and health, adhering to the social isolation but not the emotional turmoil – in the true spirit of Easter, hoping that the world will soon catch up with coronavirus.

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