A wishlist for IPL 2021: The Sporting Life by Rudraneil Sengupta

A wishlist for IPL 2021: The Sporting Life by Rudraneil Sengupta. Here is a short list of things I’m looking forward to in the Indian Premier League, which starts on April 9. All of this is no exception. Unlike my masochistic loyalty to two football clubs – East Bengal and Arsenal – I survive the emotional turmoil that comes with the IPL-franchise fandom. This frees me to enjoy the games without worrying about who will win or lose.

So, to put it bluntly, here’s what I really want:

Hardik Pandya beating. The man has a wet, whip-like action and, of course, he doesn’t really care who’s throwing any kind of bowling he is facing. He will jump over Jofra Archer’s short ball and swipe the pull with a smile on his face (or at least try). After a back injury that required serious surgical intervention and long-term demolition, Pandya has been slowly growing with all her strength, explosiveness.

Suryakumar Yadav or SKY. What can this man do? He had to wait a long time to make his first game in India, but the 30-year-old looks like he was made of guns and RDX. He didn’t get a chance to hit in his debut, but in the next game, he started his international career with six.

A wishlist for IPL 2021: The Sporting Life by Rudraneil Sengupta
A wishlist for IPL 2021: The Sporting Life by Rudraneil Sengupta

Pandya and SKY are just long lines of powerful batsmen forming the Mumbai Indian team. Rohit Sharma and Ishan Kishan are among them. But can a group stand up to the power of the galacticos from Mumbai? Press this seemingly invincible side to its limits at least? What about Hyderabad, with its arsenal of David Warne, Jonny Bairstow, Rashid Khan and Kane Williamson, and T Natarajan nailed it?

Rishabh Pant on the field, he did anything. Hitting the ball out of the park while falling down the back and trying to direct the gun with one hand to get the upper arc. Hitting the take behind the wicket and smiling with eyes before entering the song. Broadcasters, please keep your mics in the trunk stored when they last. I wish there was a completely different part called the Pant Mic.

Totally mind-blowing stunts. Last season saw Nicholas Pooran fly in the air and twist like Simone Biles while keeping his eye on the line and being able to catch six more back in line. And Ravindra Jadeja flies, moving to the ground, putting his hand on the handle and releasing it into the air so that Faf du Plessis completes the catch while hitting the border. There is no better place to watch flying men defending the border than the IPL.

IPL for women. That is the desire. It’s impossible. It really should. It proves the idea that India does not have a T20 league suitable for women. Nothing really can prove it.

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