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2021- The Time To Detox Your Closet Has Come

Now, the year 2021 beholds new promises and fulfilment of wishes. So, what are you looking at? The time to detox your closet is here! You have just returned from your Christmas vacation and in style. Many people actually managed to run to Dubai, Maldives and Goa amidst the pandemic scare. And, to be true, it is still not over. Many industries are yet to bounce back after the deluge. However, no designer or industry is sitting back. The effects of the lockdown and low sales figures have been harrowing for many. You now need to make changes to your wardrobe for the better.

The time to detox your wardrobe has finally arrived, so do it in style.
The time to detox your wardrobe has finally arrived, so do it in style.

Invest In The Functional

The fashion industry has gone for a revamp. So, you have to do the same too. Your closet needs to be for all season, and be transferable. You have to settle for outfits that you can wear to work and then come back and also dress for a night party, with a few more accessories to go with it. 2021 should have lots of comfy dresses, earthy wear, handwoven materials and khadi.

If you ask the designers, this is what they have to say. Designer Anjali Mehta says, you have to keep things that suit your lifestyle. She herself is revamping her wardrobe, keeping the sporty attire, and Parisian indie brands that suit her lifestyle. It is all about being mindful. That is what the designer thinks and showcases. It is good to give away things that you do not need anymore. Jackets are timeless pieces, so you better keep those.

Priyanka Modi from the brand AMPM, says that we all need to make conscious choices. You should invest in a contemporary wardrobe. The repair and reuse of garments is the key to longevity.

The Year Of Closet Reboot

This is the perfect time to rearrange your closet with some interesting additions. This is more apt today. Designer Shruti Sancheti has all the nice things to say. 2020 has taught everybody to be more conscious of the choices. Sustainability is the key today. You ought to keep the pieces that exude warmth, earthiness and are multi-functional. So, be more compassionate while you edit your closet. If you have something in your closet, and you have not worn it for 2 -3 years, chances are that you don’t need it. So, now you should throw it away, or give it to someone who actually needs it.

The time to detox your wardrobe has finally arrived, so do it in style.

Designer Nimish Shah asks everyone not to overload, and buy things in moderation. That is the need of the hour. You should support all the local businesses. And also wear pieces that can be restructured or re-embellished.

Another famous designer says, that you need to revamp your wardrobe with streetwear. It is multi-functional in nature. Moreover, it adds to the comfort levels of the wearer.

All in all, you have to be very careful while buying clothes in 2021. They should be wearable and not a waste of money. Sustainability is the key.

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