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11 lakh from 1.2 cr database to get vaccine on priority: Gujarat CM Rupani

In a video message, the CM of Gujarat – Vijay Rupani said that six regional depots and other infrastructure, including the cold chains, storage and also delivery of vaccines were available.

About 11 lakh people involved in Covid-19 activities, including health care workers and paramedics, will be vaccinated against coronavirus first in Gujarat, Prime Minister Vijay Rupani said on Sunday, adding that 16,000 workers had been trained to handle the firearms.

He said the state had established a database of 1.2 crore people under the four priority groups who would be given the vaccine in accordance with the Institute’s directives.

The Central Government on Saturday said India would launch its Covid-19 vaccination campaign from January 16, which would prioritize at least three health care providers and top workers.

Rupani said six regional depots as well as other infrastructure, including cold chains, storage and provision of vaccines were available.

The CM has also said that they have completed the construction of a database of key groups throughout the whole state of Gujarat. There are an estimated 11 people working on Covid-19 operations, including more than lakh health care workers and six lakh forensic workers such as police and sanitation workers etc. of the vaccine.

11 lakh from 1.2 cr database to get vaccine on priority: Gujarat CM Rupani
11 lakh from 1.2 cr database to get vaccine on priority: Gujarat CM Rupani

According to a house-to-house survey of key groups, more than 1,05 crore people over the age of 50 and 2.75 lakh people under the age of 50 with comorbidities, he said.

The CM Rupani has informed saying that approximately 1.2 crore people belonging to the top four groups will be provided with antiretroviral treatment as prescribed by the Center. Cold chains and other vaccine storage and distribution centers have been also set up and their testing has been completed.

He added saying that the Gujarat has also received additional services from the central government on purpose.

In his video message, Rupani urged people to ignore the rumors related to the vaccine, attacked opposition groups by questioning the effectiveness of the drug and, as a result, questioned senior scientists and doctors in the country.

He also said that those who questioned their soldiers after the surgical strike, EVMs after the election defeat, and the judiciary after Ram Mandir’s decision, raised questions from scientists and doctors who developed the Made in India vaccine. It shows the low political status of opposition parties, and people will not forgive them for this.

He also said that he promises that as the Prime Minister of Gujarat that all will receive the vaccine according to the priority plan. They must maintain patience and trust.

The CM said the Covid-19 conviction rate in Gujarat was over 94 percent and most of the beds set aside for the treatment of the virus were lying empty.

He also said that they have fought well, but that the war is still on, and it has now reached its final stage. They all are looking forward to 2021 with a new hope. Our long wait for the Covid-19 vaccine is coming to an end, now that the drug has arrived. Both goals have also been developed in India, to achieve the dream of Atmanirbhar Bharat.

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