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1 cr more free LPG connections planned in next 2 yrs: Oil secretary

The LPG free connectivity scheme is one of the world’s most recognizable Mode government structures by eliminating household pollution and improving women’s health.

Tarun Kapoor who is the Oil Secretary said that the plans were afoot to provide LPG connections with sub-IDs and without insisting on local evidence of cooking gas.

Also, buyers will have the option of getting a refill cylinder from three vendors in its area rather than being tied to a single distributor, who may not be able to provide LPG on demand for availability or other reasons.

In an interview with PTI, Kapoor said 8 free crore LPG connections were provided to poor women’s homes in just four years and the release of cooking gas, bringing the total number of LPG users in the country to 29 million.

The Union’s budget earlier this month announced a free subsidized gas-fired scheme under the Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala (PMUY) program.

“Our aim is to complete this additional communication in two years,” he said.

Although no separate allocation has been made for the 2021-22 Budget, the electricity subsidy allocation should be sufficient to cover the cost of ₹ 1,600 per connection, he said.

He said that they have done the first estimate of the people left out now. The number is up to 1 crore. He also said that after the successful Ujjwala program, non-LPG families are very small in India. They have 29 crore families linked to LPG. In a single connection, they will be close to 100 percent LPG entry.

However, he quickly added that one unused number was a powerful number and there may be many families who may need LPG connections as they travel to cities or other places to find work and other reasons.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s scheme to sign Ujjwala to provide free cooking water to the poor was praised by WHO in 2018 and the International Energy Agency (IEA) the following year as one that reduced household pollution by helping families change clean energy sources and improve the environment and women’s health.

LPG’s carbon footprint is 50 percent lower than coal. LPG helps to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and black carbon, which is the second largest contributor to global warming.

Prior to Ujjwala, India was the second largest cause of death in the world due to air pollution occurring in homes and villages.

Kapoor said that they want to connect everyone in the country with the LPG program. He also said that apart from Ujjwala, they also simplify the process of finding LPG connections.

While scientifically, the current law is that everyone should have access to cooking gas, it is probably difficult to get it because of requirements such as proof of location where the connection resides.

We have asked our oil companies to remove those types of complaints. A person who is moving from one city to another, or for a while, should also be able to access LPG communications without problems. LPG, “he said.

As a step towards that, the integrated software for all three petroleum marketing companies – Indian Oil, Barat Petroleum and Hindustan Petroleum – is being developed.

“We are getting the same technology based technology. Currently, the three companies have their own IT-based systems. We also want to inform our mobile applications that our companies have so that no one keeps a visual record,” he said.

With this software, migration between companies will be much easier, he said, adding that in cities one can have the option of demanding LPG refills from three distributors of the same company.

Ujjwala Yojana was launched in May 2016 with the aim of providing free LPG communication in 5 marks especially for rural women living in poverty (BPL) households. The list was expanded over time to include all SC / ST households and forest dwellers, among others.

By 2018, the program has been rolled out to all poor families and the goal has been raised to 8 crore connections.

Under the program, the government provides subsidies of 600 1,600 to government suppliers of petrol through all free LPG gas connections to poor households. The grant is intended to cover the cost of cylinder safety and reasonable costs.

The beneficiary should buy their own stove To alleviate the burden, the program allows beneficiaries to pay for the stove and the initial completion of the monthly installments. However, the cost of all subsequent filling materials must be borne by the beneficiary household.

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